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2001 DEA Mistral Model 7.7.5 CNC in good condition, been in storage for the last 4 years.  CNC Controller Renishaw PH10 Probe Head, TP20 Probe.  COmputer and Monitor.  PCDmis Dongle for V4.2 Cad++

A fully working machine ready to go.

"Y" travel 700mm

"X"  travel 700mm

"Z"  travel 500mm

Trimek CMM Model 10.7.5.  Build in the Spanish renowned machine-tool manufacturing area by Trimek Metrologia

A granite based design machine giving high stablityand high accuracy. The unit has been lightly used and is almost new condition.

"Y" travel 1000mm

"X" travel   700mm

"Z" travel   500mm

Renishaw 5 Axes Controller

Renishaw PH50 Probe Head

Renishaw TP20 Probe

Pre-Owned Equipment

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